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What is a fetal medicine specialist?

A fetal medicine specialist is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist with additional years of education, experience, and training in the medical and surgical complications of pregnancy.

Fetal medicine specialists act as consultants for the obstetrician, family practitioner, and nurse-midwife; they care for patients directly; they provide preconception counselling, antenatal supervision or surveillance; and they are direct intrapartum or postpartum management.

What to expect during an appointment in Fetal Medicine?

The doctor will talk to you before your scan and then carry out a detailed ultrasound scan of your baby. The amount of time needed for the scan will depend on several things including the stage of pregnancy, the position of the baby, the number of babies and the suspected problem in your case. After the scan the doctor will advise you of their findings and explain what they mean. You may be offered further investigations, if appropriate, and any future appointments will be usually made before you leave the department. You will be also offered counselling based on the investigations carried out.

How to prepare for your appointment?

You can eat and drink as normal but please try to come with a full bladder, particularly for scans before 24 weeks gestation. Please do not go to the toilet before your scan. Please bring your maternity records with you.

What happens after the ultrasound scans?

When your ultrasound scan is finished the doctor will explain what has been seen. If any differences/problems are found this will be fully explained and you will have time to ask questions and discuss this with the doctor. You will be given a detailed report with all the information about your visit and all of the baby’s measurements.

Where are the invasive procedures carried out?

We carry out the invasive procedures at the Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune. This hospital is a Tertiary referral centre. The hospital has its own clinical genetics unit, cytogenetic lab as well as molecular genetic lab, high risk obstetric unit with a 60 bed well equipped NICU. The hospital is specialized a variety of Invasive procedures.