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During the 32nd-week scan, various measurements are taken to estimate the fetal weight, assess the amniotic fluid levels, evaluate fetal movement, and perform a color Doppler examination to measure blood flow to both the placenta and the fetus.

What does the wellbeing scan check for?

This scan aims to determine the growth and health of the fetus by:

  • Measurement of the size of the fetal head (HC) ,abdomen (AC) and femur (FL).
  • The HC, AC, and FL measurements are then used to calculate an estimate of the baby’s fetal weight ( EFW). This is best predicted from 28 weeks onwards.
  • Examination of the movements of the fetus
  • Evaluation of the placental position and appearance
  • Measurement of the amount of amniotic fluid
  • Assessment of placenta position and blood flow to the placenta and fetus by colour Doppler ultrasound

What is the next step I should have after the wellbeing scan?

Further Wellbeing scans can be performed anytime for reassurance or if concerns remain. When serial Wellbeing scans are recommended then these should be performed at the time intervals recommended by the doctor. Usually, this time interval is 2-4 weeks.