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This procedure is carried during 11-12 weeks for patients with multifetal gestation (Triplets / quadruplets) to improve the chances of survival of fetuses or when one of the fetuses shows abnormality that is might cause a severe disability after birth in the affected fetus.

Why is Fetal Reduction done?

Premature delivery can cause problems with your babies’ lungs, heart, stomach, and brain. They could also face lifelong health issues like cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, and vision and hearing loss.Mothers who are pregnant with more than two babies at once can also have Constipation, Diabetes, Anaemia, Placental abruption.

How Fetal Reduction is done?

Usually, the procedure happens during the first trimester (12 weeks) of your pregnancy. That’s when the fetuses are still in separate fluid-filled pouches. Doctor can look at the fetuses with an ultrasound probe. Using these pictures as a guide, the doctor will put a small needle in your belly or vagina, then gently inject a special drug into a pouch.